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Medsafu is registered with the Financial Service Conduct Authority (FSCA) as a Financial Services Providers (FSP) and the holder of category I Financial Services Provider License in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act 37 of 2002 (FAIS).

Medsafu was established in 2001 to address the growing demand of independent brokerages with skilled professionals that utilise a telephonic interface as primary communication.

From these beginnings we have experienced growth through provision of high quality value added services to an identified and growing client base. Medsafu started as an efficient integrated healthcare consulting platforms offering cost effective mechanisms to corporate entities and individuals.

We currently service the healthcare needs of almost 10,000 families in South Africa.


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We are dedicated to provide an independent and professional service to our clients
by assisting them in making an informed decision,
thus being a value added resource to both corporates and individuals.

Full transparency in product, service and information:
This value is important to us because transparency promotes integrity, accountability, trust, informed choice and builds reputation. These are essential attributes to any business.

Committed to building individual and real relationships in all dealings:
Our business is all about people; people are core to our business as this creates sustainability and builds reputation.  This gives us a reference base and makes our business personal. The result is that this helps us retain our customers and employees.

Create sought after Values:
This is how we enhance people’s lifestyle and add value because making all our decisions must have real value: without it we cannot assist our clients in making informed decisions and support our core purpose as a business.

Strive to always give our clients an objective solution:
Without it we cannot provide informed choices and support our core purpose as a business.

Free-thinking without prejudices:
We always provide unbiased advice. Free thinking encourages ongoing innovation that is crucial for our business. This challenges our thought processes and allows flexibility in changes. It also promotes diverse views.

Exemplary service through ultimate customer satisfaction:
Quality service is extremely important to our business. We derive value in performing the best customer care in the industry.

Passion, energy and fun, attitude is everything. It should reflect and enforce our core values.

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