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Medical insurance

Medical insurance products are alternatives to medical aid in that they are more affordable . These products are governed either by short-term or long-term law, and not by medical aid regulations. They therefore do not have to include the prescribed set of minimum benefits and can impose different waiting-period criteria, as well as a maximum entry age limit. To keep these products affordable, they are mostly focused on out-of-hospital primary-care expenses such as general practitioner consultations, prescribed medication, basic dentistry and some optometry cover. These benefits are subject to strict network-provider rules. A defined limit for emergency hospitalization stabilization or illness might be included, but this has an impact on the price of the product.

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Gap Cover

Gap cover is a short-term insurance product designed to provide extra protection for those who already have medical aid. It covers the deficit between your medical scheme’s tariff (MST) and the actual rates charged by private healthcare professionals.

Medical aid schemes in South Africa currently reimburse doctors and specialists at 100%, 200%, or 300% of the scheme rate. In reality, however, professional medical providers may charge up to five times the base tariff.

By subscribing to gap cover you protect yourself and your family against this financial disparity, potentially avoiding significant out-of-pocket medical expenses.

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Saving for retirement can be hard because it seems far away, while obligations like supporting family members seem immediate. Medsafu can offer retirement plans are designed to help you create financial independence in retirement and make sure you are adequately prepared

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Life Insurance

“Life insurance is a contract between an insurance policy holder and an insurer or assurer, where the insurer promises to pay a designated beneficiary a sum of money upon the death of an insured person. Depending on the contract, other events such as terminal illness or critical illness can also trigger payment.”

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Medical Aid

Medical aid is a form of insurance where you pay a monthly amount – called a contribution or premium – in return for financial cover for medical treatment you may need, as well as any related medical expenses.”

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Short Term Insurance

Short term insurance is insurance that provides financial coverage for a specific asset for a limited duration of time, usually less than one year. For example, a person may get a short term property insurance policy that only covers their property for six months.”

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